Thursday, 13 August 2015

I have a headache

This is the cat that owns the entirety of Ventnor Road, Wavertree.

Hardly anyone knows that this creature alone controls who may access the road and who may not.

Like a guardian at the gates, it sits - a power immeasurably greater than mere human strength. But there are no gates here.

Do not yield to the images inevitably flooding your mind, images of an aggressive animal scaring people off its territory by physical means - for this being is far more cunning.

Ventnor Road may appear on maps, and it may exist in the actual world based on scientific evidence. People live there, after all.

But not everyone can actually see it. 

If you are persona non grata in the eyes of the Cat, then you will drive, cycle, walk, even saunter past Ventnor Road without registering its existence. Hence, you will not use it. Ever.

It will be there, but your brain will not allow you to see it.

Worse still, if you start looking for it, the blockage becomes more extreme, and your vision may become blurry, or even black out.

It is therefore not advisable, if you have not used this road before (and are therefore accepted), to start looking for it now. Serious health issues may occur.

Then again, I'm not seriously worried that you'll use Ventnor Road against the Cat's better judgement.

Because how can you use a road you don't know exists?